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Mel Cheren's life in a doc coming near you

Largery inspired by Mel Cheren's autobiography "My Life and the Paradise Garage: Keep On Dancin", The documentary "The Godfather of Disco (G.O.D.)" offers a "mesmerizing overview of the rise and fall of '70s-era dance music," according to Max Sparber of the Pulse of the Twin Cities (4/18/07).

Through a series of interviews with a who's who of the dance music community, G.O.D. uses the arc of Mel's life to examine the early 70s musical and cultural currents that gave birth to disco, West End Records' contribution to that scene, the rise of the Paradise Garage, and the onslaught of HIV/Aids and its impact on New York City. It look at Mel's activist years as he harnesses the power of music to fight Aids via his charity work for GMHC and 24hrs for Life/LifeBEAT.

Gene Graham, director of "The Godfather of Disco (G.O.D.)" says:

"Through it all, Mel has been there, done that, lived to tell the tale and continues to do it all today. Pioneer, activist, survivor, Mel Cheren is The Godfather of Disco. I'm happy to report that the editing is complete and the response has been very positive"

On Thursday April 26th, The Godfather of Disco had its World Premiere at the 2007 Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival. Gene Graham received their Emerging Filmmaker Award.

For upcoming screening schedule, additional info and film clips - QuickTime player's latest version required -
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