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Moby's chicken revenge under disco ball

As you probably know by now, Moby had a disco album in the works. The first single is now out and the video is ready to do damage.

Do you have an uneasy feeling when political or social conscience blends with dance music. The scenario is this. You have a dance song with a beat obviously, so dancing equals party, but how do you party when watching chickens being slaughtered. Doesn't feel right. Are we supposed to boogie, laugh or think?

In other words, Moby attacks the iconic chicken colonel, that's his right - he follows Pamela Anderson, Russell Simmons, Sir Paul McCartney, Alec Baldwin and many others. And true, the meat industry does engage in cruel practices, there's plenty videos to back this up. Moby wants to raise awareness through a music video, it's been done before so what's the fuss? Does it work? Yes! And why not.

Well for some of us, the disco ball is sacred and have no place in a video of this nature. I'm all for Moby the artist (and person) and the cause but come on, blood splatter, Was that necessary?END

Moby "Disco Lies" music video on YouTube
PETA's chicken display and celebs at GoVeg
Have fun and kick the bucket: Make your own sign display

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  • At 14.6.10, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hmmmmmm.....I love my KfC under my disco ball getting down and boogeying....


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